C3PO Follows us everywhere :O

ATTN: First watch the video that is on my FB page of Nick.

Welp! Our first two days of chemo are completed! Only 34 more days… yeah…

To start off our morning we woke up late (shocker :p), then we left and forgot to put on the lidocaine cream (a cream that numbs the skin around the port to make him more comfortable), so I ran home to get it and when I got back they had him well taken care of! Now, we are starting off by giving Nick some fluids to keep his electrolytes up and he starts feeling really nervous (can you blame him?!) so the nurse gave him some meds to kind of calm his nerves and the video you watched on my page is what happened with those meds. After those meds kicked in he was as cool as a cucumber šŸ˜‰ He is always grateful to be working in online marketing because he can work work work while he is going through this. This is our little corner of “heaven” or so we say haha. I fall asleep on that little bench to the left or write my blog like right now.Ā Nick-chemo-chair

That little wheely hat rack thing to the right holds all of the chemicals that Nick has going into his body right now. We have lovingly named him C3PO and he follows Nick everywhere. Here is a closer look. Pretty fancy with those swirls.Ā Chemo-bag

The first few days haven’t been too bad. He has been a little more tired than usual and I’m sure it doesn’t help that we are here 6-8 hours everyday this week. They provide all sorts of yummy drinks and food here so we are good! For about 45 mins to an hour I’ll go let the dogs out and throw the ball for them since they are in their kennel so long.

Beau run (1)Mowgli run

So, this has been our first couple of days. Nothing too crazy or interesting as of yet, but he is staying positive and healthy and that makes all the difference. He is over chatting with a guy who is doing the same chemo as him so I’m sure we will have some good stories after that. He also tried on some wigs (which he will probably never wear) for when his hair falls out. Enjoy this and vote for your favorite!


Nick was able to work on the car Monday night so we will end with a picture of that. I’ll be writing a post for the end of this week with a neat little miracle so stay tuned šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “C3PO Follows us everywhere :O

  1. You guys are so sweet and truly handling things with grace ā¤! It’s wonderful that you guys are continuing to smile and have fun. I hope that all things considered this will go as smoothly as possible for you. You’ll be in our prayers.

    On a different note I tried to find the video and had no luck with that so I read the post anyway… I vote for the first wig šŸ˜….

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