The Hiccup Miracle

Hey folks!

We have finished week 1 of cycle 1! Only 8 more weeks to go! This has taken me a while to get out because we have been pretty busy with all the doctors visits. Really spending 6-8 hours everyday at the cancer institute isn’t exactly a party though. Unless there was dancing…which there wasn’t.
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I’m going to jump right into our hiccup story. Now while this may seem like something quite small and insignificant it was most certainly not that way to us.On day 2 of Nick’s chemo treatment this past week he started to get hiccups. Hiccups are a common side effect of Dexamethasone(steroid used during chemo) and Etoposide(one of the chemo drugs). Super weird side effect! Now these hiccups started out as harmless and we figured they would go away soon. Nick tried drinking water, holding his breath, staring at a light(that one seems rather silly), and I even tried to scare him which didn’t get rid of the hiccups so I just felt bad for scaring him. These hiccups had been going on for at least 3 hours and then they started to stir up some acid re-flux. This was pretty painful and uncomfortable for him. He figured out cough drops with menthol in them seemed to subside them, but as soon as the cough drop was gone the hiccups would return. They got worse and worse. By the time we were getting ready for bed he had to have had these hiccups for at least 8 hours. I am not even exaggerating. Nick was worried about how he was going to sleep and even more worried about keeping me up that night. We knelt for our nightly prayers and it was Nick’s turn to pray. As he prayed he asked for his body to do extraordinary things throughout this chemo treatment. As soon as he said “amen” the hiccups came to a halt. Now, as I said before this may seem to be something so insignificant, but I will tell you it was a miracle to us. As I type this story I feel so strongly that it was Heavenly Father showing Nick His love for him and showing him that He is there for him during this hard time. Nick was able to sleep through that night without any hiccups. He gets stray hiccups occasionally, but nothing like that day. It is so comforting to feel of our Savior’s love for us through that small thing that was so big to me and Nick. Ever since we have started chemotherapy we have felt the Savior so close to our hearts and that makes the journey a bit easier. Now the really cool part about this story is that Nick was able to use it in his lesson on Sunday when he taught the 12 year olds. They were so amazed that his hiccups had stopped and it helped them to understand that the Lord does answer our prayers.

A little highlight of our weekend. We kept it pretty chill. Nick was feeling pretty good, but also pretty sleepy. So, rest and naps were a must, but we were also able to take our not so little puppy for a walk.Nick cozyNick SleepNick walk

So, as you know a side effect of chemo is that you’ll lose your hair. The doctor says we are about 1-2 weeks out on that little perk so we went out and took so business pictures while his hair was still holding on. Here are a few. P.S. you won’t want to miss the last photo 😉

Ok, the last one that I said you don’t want to miss. Here it is. Feel free to caption it. New blog post coming your way this week.
XOXO, Hailey


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