Dr. Spongebob

Hey everyone!

Thanks for staying patient. I promise I’m going to get better at making these blog posts.

We are done with week 2 of cycle 1. We have one more week of cycle 1 and then we start all over :p! We have about 7 weeks left to go and we are just feeling immensely blessed by those around us. We have had the best people bring us dinners, good company for support, and prayers that we constantly feel.

As we end week 2 of our 9 week process we are hoping that it continues to go as fast as it has been going. At the beginning of week 2 we met with the doctor so they could check up on Nick and make sure that he is doing alright with the different side effects. One thing that was a concern was he was having some difficulty breathing. This is a concern because the Bleomycin that they give him is hard on the lungs and they don’t want him to have to be on oxygen at this young of an age so they watch it pretty close. Before we started Nick had is lungs tested and they came out fine except for he might have a little bit of asthma because he responded to the Albuterol which is what is in inhalers. So, before we started the Bleomycin he had to have a nebulizer to see if he had an easier time breathing after it was all done. 51720D74-0845-478B-BD32-B579CF39E2F2

The good news is he was able to breathe a little bit easier which means we can stick to the chemo schedule!

After he was given the Bleomycin and a whole big bag of benadryl(which seriously knocks him out every time) we were good to go! Before we could go home though we had to go get a chest x-ray and go get his pulmonary functions tested just to be sure his lungs are good. So, we went and got his x-ray and then headed over to the pulmonary testing place.

At the pulmonary place Nick has to breathe through a tube and do all of these weird breathing exercises. IMG_2101 He gets to do all sorts of “fun” things. The doctor is Dr. Bob and he says he is not related to Bob the Builder, but he does have some relation to Sponge bob. Good or bad thing? You decide. All the tests came back normal so it looks like the breathing issue is either because of asthma or his body weakening from the chemo.

Anyways, they are finishing up his chemo for the day. I’ll be sure to update this soon for our final week of cycle 1. 1/3 of the way done!

XOXO, Hailey


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